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Lodging in an historical monument of the Century XVIII
  Discovering... Downtown... Reaching Xalapa

In Xalapa, there are a lot of beautiful places to be discovered.
And the
Posada La Mariquinta is situated
very near from the Governor's Palace and the cathedral -
in the heart of the city, but far from its hustle and bustle...

Posada La mariquinta, into the heart of Xalapa

During your stay, we kindly recommand you to visit...

In Xalapa:

Museum of Anthropology

Museo de antropología

Museum of Sciences and Technology

Museo Interactivo de Xalapa

Promenade of the Lakes

Diego Leño e Hidalgo

House of Arts and crafts

Centro Cultural Los Lagos

Los Berros Park

Los Berros

Juárez Park

Parque Juárez
Ecological Park Macuiltépetl Macuitépetl

Gallery of Contempory Art

Galería de Arte Contemporáneo

Gallery Marie-Louise Ferrari

Galería Marie-Louise Ferrari
Pinacotheque Diego Rivera Pinacoteca Diego Rivera
Near Xalapa

Botanical Garden

Jardín Botánico

Coatepec (arts and crafts, coffees)


Xico (typical food, Texolo water falls)


Las Trancas (plants, food)

Carretera a Veracruz, km 5

El Lencero (Hacienda Museum)

Museo El Lencero

Naolinco (arts and crafts, food)


Jacomulco (food, rafting)



Cofre de Perote (regional park)

Valle Alegre

Filobobos (ruins, white water rafting)


Cempoala (ruins)


Quiahuiztlan (ruins)


La Antigua (cortesian ruins)

Autopista Cardel-Veracruz, km 10
El Tajín (ruins) El Tajín


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