Lodging in an historical monument of the Century XVIII
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In order to be able to confirm your reservation, please:
Indicate the anticipated date and time of your arrival
(check in 3pm - check out 1pm).
Indicate the duration of your stay.  
Indicate the number of people who will be staying
with you (adults or children under 5 years).
The garden of the Posada
In order to confirm your reservation and to enjoy our discounts,
we would appreciate your sending us a U$ deposit equivalent of one or two nights through paypal,
according to the duration of your stay with us.
with this deposit, we will hold your reservation, even if you are arriving very late.


If you have any change of plans and need to cancel your reservation,
we will refund your deposit in case of cancellation with a minimum of 48 hours prior to your anticipated arrival, retaining a 10% for administrative expenses.
we will refund only 50% of your deposit if you cancel your reservation the day prior to your anticipated arrival.
we will not refund anything to you if you cancel your reservation the same day or you do not show.


If the server sends you an error message,
please send us your request using our e-mail service, Thank you. 
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