Roy's Xalapa Seminars

Are you thinking of
Mail to Roy Dudleyretiring or spending an extended vacation
in Mexico?

Why not attend my orientation seminar where I will share with you many insights that I’ve aquiered after living in Xalapa for the past 28 years. All those questions and doubts that you might have about Mexico and this region, information that’s not in the guidebooks and not easily obtained from other sources. You’ll get a "feel of the land" so you can enjoy this wonderful country to it’s best.

The seminars last 5 days,
4 hours daily (10 AM to 2 PM)
from Monday until Friday


Is a "getting to know you" time, when I will give you maps, brochures, and an extensive slide show of this area to "wet your appetites" for adventure. For those "walkaholics" like me there will be a walking tour of downtown, especially the market area. Lunch is included at El Diamante restaurant.

Mercado - Photo by Roy Dudley


We’ll take a tour on the tranvia (replica of a trolly car) of Xalapa, then go to the internationally reknowned Anthropology Museum.

Lunch is included at El Diamante Restaurant.

Tranvía - Photo by Roy Dudley


The adventure starts with a tour of the Ex-hacienda Museum El Lencero which belonged López Santa Ana, the infamous 11 time mexican president who attacked the Alamo in Texas. Optional lunch at Las Coronelas which makes mouth watering mexican food.

El Lencero - Photo by Roy Dudley


More adventure with a trip to the quaint village of Naolinco with it’s "standing rivers" (waterfalls!) and dozens of shoe-maker’s shops. Optional lunch at the many excellent restaurants there.

Naolinco - Photo by Roy Dudley


A favorite trip of mine to the Texolo waterfalls (movie "Romancing the Stone" shot there), then to the charming coffee growing village of Xico where you can try the dozens of locally made liquors and moles. Optional lunch at the Acamalin or El Mesón Xiqueño restaurants. If it’s the Xalapa Symphony Orchestra season we’ll go to a concert in the evening and have an antojito at the many restaurants in Xalapa.

Texolo - Photo by Roy Dudley


US$200.00 per person

Minimum 5 participants
Maximum 10 participants

Transportation for day trips is included.


Please contact me by e-mail:

or by phone at
00 52 (228) 812 05 55

The schedule is very flexible, depending on the weather and group dynamics. What’s most important is that you feel the seminar was well worth your time. For those of you who don’t want a structured seminar or have different needs, I’m sure I can help you.


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