XALAPA can be reached

from Mexico City : driving, flying or by bus

from Veracruz : driving or by bus

asuntos legales

Driving to Xalapa from Mexico City is very safe and relaxed.
The complete trip is about 4 hours on a modern two lane
highway at first, and on a one or two lane well paved road after.
It has some parts with fog, especially the last 50 miles
before Xalapa. The only things to point out is that the track
of Mexico City to Puebla is often in repairs, so caution has to
be taken to check for works on the road or detours.
Also, between Mexico City and Puebla, the up and downhill
is very strong, so be patient and take the right lane most of the time.


Van or Bus Rental with driver / Location avec chauffeur
English speaker driver
Transportation from/to the Veracruz Airport

y Servicios

Bus Companies / Lignes d'autobus ADO GL
Airflight Companies / Compagnies aériennes:
Aeroméxico, Mexicana and Delta Airlines are flying from Mexico City to Veracruz
Aeroméxico, Mexicana and Aeromar are also flying from Mexico City to Xalapa once a day.
International flights / Vols internationaux
Available from Houston to Veracruz, several days a week
Taxis are available from the airport to the bus station
Buses from Veracruz to Xalapa are leaving each half an hour (two hours between the two cities).
Car Rental Companies / Compagnies de location de voitures
Available in Mexico City Airport, in Veracruz Airport and in Xalapa (downtown)
Documents required : international driving license, international credit card, passport.


Concepción y realización : Frater Consultant para los socios de RTX